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Latest News: Cannabis Could be Coming to Schools in Washington

school busThe parent of a 7-year-old medical marijuana patient is pushing to be allowed to administer medication to their child on school grounds. The parent, John Barclay, currently has to pick up his daughter from school at lunch time in order to take her home and administer her medication at home. This is very disruptive to her education, he argues. The cannabis medication is “liquid gold,” according to Barclay. River, his daughter, suffers from seizures and cannabis has been the only thing that reliably treats them. River is administered non-psychoactive CBD edibles in order to treat her seizures, but she needs a second dose at noon. A bill has been proposed in Washington’s capitol of Olympia that would allow the administering of medical marijuana on school grounds to children that meet the state’s requirements to be a medical marijuana patient.

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Oregon is famous for having some of the finest cannabis in the nation.

It’s not surprising. Oregon has a long and storied history with cannabis. Over the last several decades, Oregon has established a tradition of cultivating incredibly potent marijuana that’s highly sought after by cannabis aficionados everywhere. Why is it so good? It’s partially because Oregon has a climate that is perfect for cannabis plants to flourish, and it’s partially because Oregon cultivators have had the time to perfect their art. Growing good plants takes practice.

Consequently, we work with the best-of-the-best artisan producers all over the state to bring our customers in Portland the quality products they deserve and have come to expect. If you’re in the Portland area, we’d love to see you.


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